Can Twitter Sentiment/Data Predict NFL Games? Week 16 2021

I’ve been writing about how Twitter Sentiment affects NFL Games for a few weeks on Medium now. It’s been quite an interesting dataset. My initial hypothesis going into this was that teams with higher pregame Twitter sentiment would win. I was shown wrong in the first 5 games I analyzed. From weeks 12 to 15,Continue reading “Can Twitter Sentiment/Data Predict NFL Games? Week 16 2021”

Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21

Updated 6:19pm PST 11/29/2021 – Our sentiment prediction was right! Next step is to predict how much it’ll go up. Recently I’ve been playing around with sentiment analysis on Tweets a lot. I discovered the Twitter API over the Thanksgiving holidays and it’s like Christmas came early. Sort of like how Christmas comes earlier toContinue reading “Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21”

Black Friday: How Does Twitter Feel?

Today is Black Friday 2021. For those of you who are international, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in America. It’s the BIGGEST commercial holiday we have. The rise of Amazon as the online retailer has forced brick and mortar stores to take more extreme measures to attract buyers. In the last few yearsContinue reading “Black Friday: How Does Twitter Feel?”