Text Sentiment Analysis and How to Do it

Sentiment analysis is an example of applied Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this context, “sentiment” is almost interchangeable with text polarity. Text polarity is a measure from -1 to 1 of the sentiment of the text. The dictionary definition of sentiment is actually “one’s view or attitude towards something”, so this could include emotions fromContinue reading “Text Sentiment Analysis and How to Do it”

Using NLP to Get Insights from Twitter

I’m interested in analyzing the Tweets of a bunch of famous people so I can learn from them. I’ve built a program that will do this by pulling a list of recent tweets and doing some NLP on them. In this post we’re going to go over: Get all the Text for a Search TermContinue reading “Using NLP to Get Insights from Twitter”

Ask NLP: The Media on the Obama Presidency Over Time

Recently we’ve used NLP to do an exploration of the media’s portrayal of Obama in two parts, based on the most common phrases used in headlines about him, and an AI summary of the headlines about him. We also explored the who/what/when/where of the article headlines that we got in when we pulled the ObamaContinue reading “Ask NLP: The Media on the Obama Presidency Over Time”

Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21

Updated 6:19pm PST 11/29/2021 – Our sentiment prediction was right! Next step is to predict how much it’ll go up. Recently I’ve been playing around with sentiment analysis on Tweets a lot. I discovered the Twitter API over the Thanksgiving holidays and it’s like Christmas came early. Sort of like how Christmas comes earlier toContinue reading “Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21”