Twitter, NLP, and the 2022 World Cup

This article is published at 9:55am EST, 5 minutes before the start of the 2022 World Cup Final between Argentina and France. This is the umpteenth installment in my exploration of whether or not Twitter sentiment is good at predicting anything. Last year, I used it on NFL games and Starbucks stock prices. The results?Continue reading “Twitter, NLP, and the 2022 World Cup”

Creating a Chatbot for Yoga in Python

Stress is everywhere, and it’s the silent killer. Articles are published daily about managing your stress levels and living a more relaxed life. One of the main recommendations to reduce your stress is to practice yoga. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about the benefits of this fantastic practice or how accessible it is. So,Continue reading “Creating a Chatbot for Yoga in Python”

Using NLP to Get Insights from Twitter

I’m interested in analyzing the Tweets of a bunch of famous people so I can learn from them. I’ve built a program that will do this by pulling a list of recent tweets and doing some NLP on them. In this post we’re going to go over: Get all the Text for a Search TermContinue reading “Using NLP to Get Insights from Twitter”

Ask NLP: Who/What/When/Where of the Obama Presidency

Recently we’ve used NLP to do an exploration of the media’s portrayal of Obama in two parts, based on the most common phrases used in headlines about him, and an AI summary of the headlines about him. Now, we’re going to explore further into it by taking a look at the who/what/when/where of the ObamaContinue reading “Ask NLP: Who/What/When/Where of the Obama Presidency”

Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21

Updated 6:19pm PST 11/29/2021 – Our sentiment prediction was right! Next step is to predict how much it’ll go up. Recently I’ve been playing around with sentiment analysis on Tweets a lot. I discovered the Twitter API over the Thanksgiving holidays and it’s like Christmas came early. Sort of like how Christmas comes earlier toContinue reading “Twitter Sentiment for Stocks? Starbucks 11/29/21”

What is AI Text Summarization and How Can I Use It?

Text summarization is an increasingly useful tool. So much time is wasted not paying attention while attempting to read full documents. We can use text summarization to save time and extract the objectively most important part of many documents such as notes, reports, or news articles with interesting headlines. Check out this example of AI summariesContinue reading “What is AI Text Summarization and How Can I Use It?”

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Recently, I posted an article about Natural Language Processing written by (our own!) AI. I’ll be honest, I don’t think that was a great explanation of Natural Language Processing (NLP). So here’s an article, written by a human, that will explain Natural Language Processing in plain English. What is a “Natural Language”? Before we canContinue reading “What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?”

Ask NLP: What Does US News Say About Top Colleges? Part 1

I don’t know if any of y’all checked out the US News Top Colleges rankings when you were in high school looking to apply for colleges, but I did. Back then the site wasn’t trashed by ads like it is now, so it was actually readable. Now it’s not. Thankfully, we have technology and weContinue reading “Ask NLP: What Does US News Say About Top Colleges? Part 1”

Natural Language Processing: What is Text Polarity?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and all of its applications will be huge in the 2020s. A lot of my blogging is about text processing and all the things that go with it such as Named Entity Recognition and Part of Speech Tagging. Text polarity is a basic text processing technique that gives us insight intoContinue reading “Natural Language Processing: What is Text Polarity?”

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