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Python Resources for Learning Basic Concepts:

Learn Python for Basic Data Structures:

  • Stacks, Queues, and Dequeues
    • Stacks, queues, and dequeues are basic data structures of computer science
    • Stacks are like decks of cards, queues are like checkout lines, and dequeues are like checkout lines where people in the back may leave
  • Linked Lists and Binary Search Trees
    • Linked lists are lists where each entry in the list points to the next one (and the one before in doubly linked lists)
    • Binary search trees are “trees” where each entry in the tree has a left and a right child, in a search tree the left child is less than the root and the right child is greater than the root

Once you’ve covered the basics, we can get into more advanced topics in Algorithms and Data Structures:

After learning the basic concepts, the easiest way to learn Python is to build projects like the ones below. Building projects won’t just help you learn Python, but also software engineering. Also check out the section on Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

These are the most popular and important Machine Learning posts on the blog.

To learn more about Machine Learning and Python check out our Machine Learning page.

As I continue to build out this blog, I will add more Python resources and levels.