A Complete Guide to Python String Manipulation

I am pretty sure I’ve had to look up how to work with strings over 100,000 times now. Not just in Python, but for programming in general. Strings are not treated the same in each programming language though. For example, you have to use pointers to mess with strings in C. However, Python provides aContinue reading “A Complete Guide to Python String Manipulation”

Dijkstra’s Algorithm in 5 Steps with Python

Dijkstra’s Algorithm is one of the most well-known graph algorithms. It is also one of the hardest to spell and pronounce. It’s pronounced “dike-struh” algorithm. Dijkstra’s algorithm is a shortest path algorithm with many variations. In this post we’ll be going over two Python implementations of Dijkstra’s algorithm. ‘ The first is the naive implementation,Continue reading “Dijkstra’s Algorithm in 5 Steps with Python”

Private Variables in Python

There are three variable scopes you need to know. There are global variables, public variables, and private variables. Global variables can be accessed from all functions and modules in a program. Ideally they are only declared once in a whole program. Public variables belong to certain classes, but are visible to other classes, functions, andContinue reading “Private Variables in Python”

295. Find Median from Data Stream LeetCode Solution

I don’t usually do LeetCode problems, but this one comes up as a real life use case for me so I wanted to share. This problem is about data streaming and handling data in real time. It’s similar to what we call ETL or ELT in industry. LeetCode 295. Find Median from Data Stream ProblemContinue reading “295. Find Median from Data Stream LeetCode Solution”

Super Simple Python: Simple Calculator

Super Simple Python is a series of Python projects you can do in under 15 minutes. In this episode, we’ll be covering how to build a simple calculator in under 30 lines of Python! For a video version: Unlike some of the Super Simple Python examples we’ve done, these don’t require any libraries!  Defining theContinue reading “Super Simple Python: Simple Calculator”

Anagram Python Technical Interview Question Solutions

Anagrams are strings that are made up of the same set of letters. There are many ways to use anagrams in technical interview questions. The one that I got in my most recent round of technical interviews was along the lines of “remove all words in a list that are anagrams of words that haveContinue reading “Anagram Python Technical Interview Question Solutions”

Python Firebase Authentication Integration with FastAPI

FastAPI is a new Python framework to facilitate the creation of APIs. Google Firebase Authentication is Google Cloud Platform’s authentication tool. It’s similar to tools like AWS Cognito, Azure Active Directory, or Okta.  In this post, we’re going to go over how to integrate Firebase Auth with FastAPI. We’ll cover: An Introduction to the PythonContinue reading “Python Firebase Authentication Integration with FastAPI”

How to Use Environment Variables with Python Dotenv

We often have to use API keys, secret keys, identity keys, and so on when we build applications. Each of these keys comes with a warning not to show it publicly or to lose it. Managing these keys is not only a safety concern, but also a matter of staying up to date as keysContinue reading “How to Use Environment Variables with Python Dotenv”

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