295. Find Median from Data Stream LeetCode Solution

I don’t usually do LeetCode problems, but this one comes up as a real life use case for me so I wanted to share. This problem is about data streaming and handling data in real time. It’s similar to what we call ETL or ELT in industry. LeetCode 295. Find Median from Data Stream ProblemContinue reading “295. Find Median from Data Stream LeetCode Solution”

Python Anagrams Technical Interview Question Solutions

Anagrams are strings that are made up of the same set of letters. There are many ways to use anagrams in technical interview questions. The one that I got in my most recent round of technical interviews was along the lines of “remove all words in a list that are anagrams of words that haveContinue reading “Python Anagrams Technical Interview Question Solutions”

Technical Interviews: Finding the Longest Palindrome

One of the questions you could be asked if you go through a technical interview for a software engineering role is to find the longest palindrome in a given string. This is a medium easy level interview question and shouldn’t take you longer than 15 to 20 minutes to get. If you want to stopContinue reading “Technical Interviews: Finding the Longest Palindrome”

10 Questions Only Top Data Scientists Can Answer

Do you want to be a data scientist but don’t know what the interview will be like? I gathered these questions from doing and studying data science interviews. Here’s 10 questions you may see in a data science interview, with answers! These 10 data science interview questions are all multiple choice. There can be moreContinue reading “10 Questions Only Top Data Scientists Can Answer”

How to Create a High-Level Design Document

Every good software engineer knows that you need to have a design for your software before you start building it. You may be able to get away with just an interface design and a few lines of comments describing your code for smaller programs, but it’s not feasible with larger programs. For example, the smallContinue reading “How to Create a High-Level Design Document”

The First Steps for Software Engineering

Imagine you’re building some software. What’s the first thing you need to do? Discover what you’re building right? In a software engineering role, software is built for a reason. No one builds software for no reason. So, the first thing you need to do is figure out who you’re building software for. Once you knowContinue reading “The First Steps for Software Engineering”

Technical Interviews: Longest Increasing Subsequence

One of the questions you may be asked in a technical interview is to find the longest increasing subsequence of a list of numbers. There are multiple approaches to this problem. What’s your instinct? Let’s take a look at the most efficient way to get the longest increasing subsequence in Python. The common approach fromContinue reading “Technical Interviews: Longest Increasing Subsequence”

How to Learn the Tools for Engineering

I was recently speaking with one of the members in my Discord server about the nuances of learning Engineering. The best way to learn Engineering as a discipline is quite different from traditional teaching methods. This is probably why so many people in America struggle with STEM. For the purposes of this post, we’ll beContinue reading “How to Learn the Tools for Engineering”

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