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Dijkstra’s Algorithm in 5 Steps with Python

Dijkstra’s Algorithm is one of the most well-known graph algorithms. It is also one of the hardest to spell and pronounce. It’s pronounced “dike-struh” algorithm. Dijkstra’s algorithm is a shortest path algorithm with many variations. In this post we’ll be going over two Python implementations of Dijkstra’s algorithm. ‘ The first is the naive implementation,Continue reading “Dijkstra’s Algorithm in 5 Steps with Python”

Private Variables in Python

There are three variable scopes you need to know. There are global variables, public variables, and private variables. Global variables can be accessed from all functions and modules in a program. Ideally they are only declared once in a whole program. Public variables belong to certain classes, but are visible to other classes, functions, andContinue reading “Private Variables in Python”

Firebase Auth FastAPI Header

Python Firebase Authentication Integration with FastAPI

FastAPI is a new Python framework to facilitate the creation of APIs. Google Firebase Authentication is Google Cloud Platform’s authentication tool. It’s similar to tools like AWS Cognito, Azure Active Directory, or Okta.  In this post, we’re going to go over how to integrate Firebase Auth with FastAPI. We’ll cover: What is the Python FastAPIContinue reading “Python Firebase Authentication Integration with FastAPI”


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