Creating a Chatbot for Yoga in Python

Stress is everywhere, and it’s the silent killer. Articles are published daily about managing your stress levels and living a more relaxed life. One of the main recommendations to reduce your stress is to practice yoga. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about the benefits of this fantastic practice or how accessible it is. So,Continue reading “Creating a Chatbot for Yoga in Python”

Working with the JSON library in Python

JSON is a format that is used to send, receive and store data from systems in a network. It is referred to as “light-weight” in comparison to larger formats, such as HTML or XML. There are formatting techniques in Python that can be used to convert JSON to Python objects and vice versa. Python is built with a standard library of helpful modules and the JSON module is one of them. Once we import it using the following code, we have full use of its functionalities.

Explorations in Machine Learning: Intro to Neural Networks

Hey, everyone! In my journey to become the master of all things NLP, I’d like to begin with the beginning. This underlying foundation is referred to as Neural Networks. In the first installment of this series, I’ll dive into a bit of introduction on the concept as a whole.  What are Neural Networks? Neural networksContinue reading Explorations in Machine Learning: Intro to Neural Networks