A Simple Introduction to Zero Trust Networks

The biggest security breaches in history have cost companies billions of dollars. Most recently, in 2022, a security breach at T-Mobile cost them $350M in customer payouts alone. Security issues are some of the most pressing concerns in today’s ever evolving software world.  While security can be implemented in many ways, some are better thanContinue reading “A Simple Introduction to Zero Trust Networks”

What is an Encoder Decoder Model?

I recently had someone ask me what an encoder decoder model was and how an encoder decoder Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) model is different from a regular (or stacked) LSTM. I’ve worked with many different kinds of RNNs, including LSTMs, and we’ve explored them on this blog. However, encoder decoder models are different from regularContinue reading “What is an Encoder Decoder Model?”

Out of Place Sort a Singly Linked List in Python

While there are many sorting algorithms in computer science, there are just two ways to classify them. In place, and not in place (or out of place). In place sorting algorithms are ones that are run without an auxiliary data structure such as bubble sort. Out of place (or not in place) sorting algorithms areContinue reading “Out of Place Sort a Singly Linked List in Python”

Twitter, NLP, and the 2022 World Cup

This article is published at 9:55am EST, 5 minutes before the start of the 2022 World Cup Final between Argentina and France. This is the umpteenth installment in my exploration of whether or not Twitter sentiment is good at predicting anything. Last year, I used it on NFL games and Starbucks stock prices. The results?Continue reading “Twitter, NLP, and the 2022 World Cup”

Automate Transcribing Voice Notes in Notion with Zapier

Imagine you can drag and drop voice notes directly from your voice notes app to Notion and get a transcript of your note. Well now you can. We can harness the power of Zapier, Notion, and Steamship to automatically transcribe voice notes. In this post we’ll cover: A Brief Introduction to Zapier Zapier is anContinue reading “Automate Transcribing Voice Notes in Notion with Zapier”

Basics of Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis, or EDA, helps us get a foundational understanding of our dataset. Through exploring our data, we get an understanding of the data and its patterns so we can build efficient predictive models. This process takes a fair amount of time because we implement several data preprocessing tasks.  For this tutorial, we’ll needContinue reading “Basics of Exploratory Data Analysis”

How to Automatically Transcribe a Notion MP3 File

Time is super valuable. If we can save ourselves a few minutes or hours each day from having to do repetitive tasks, we can spend that saved time on activities we love. As programmers, we can automate some of these repetitive tasks and get back to living the life we want. Let’s look at creatingContinue reading “How to Automatically Transcribe a Notion MP3 File”

Converting Audio File Type in Python

“This audio format is not supported” Have you ever gotten this error message? That’s what inspired this article. I had a file that I needed to be an mp3 file that was saved as an m4a. I needed the file type to be mp3 to work with it. There were two solutions available to me.Continue reading “Converting Audio File Type in Python”