Made with AI: The Most Important News, December 2021

Happy new year and welcome to 2022! As we’ve done at the end of October and November, let’s take a look back at the last month in news headlines! We’ll create a word cloud and use AI Text Summarization to get a high-level idea of what was going on in the news in December 2021. We can’t scrape every news source, so for this article we’re going to be using the NY Times. We pulled these headlines following this article on How to Download Archived NY Times Headlines.

In this post we’ll take a look at:

  • A word cloud of AI selected headlines from December 2021
  • December 2021’s most important headlines as selected by AI
  • Some commentary on what happened this December

Word Cloud of AI Selected Headlines

From the word cloud we can see that the biggest words are Omicron, Back, and Looking. This makes sense as the COVID-19’s Omicron variant was first discovered in November of this year. Also, it’s common for “looking back” type posts in December, and Biden’s Build Back Better is facing some difficulties in Congress. As an avid supporter of a greener planet and a greener America, I am pretty upset with Joe Manchin (and Joe Biden) for this lack of progress. We’re all living on the same earth and I can’t believe Manchin is doing this.

December 2021 Most Important Headlines, Determined by AI

Giving. What Does That Mean?

Getting Better at Uncertainty.

With Omicron Comes Uncertainty Here’s How to Handle It. 

How Fast Can You Skydive?

The Sun, as Always, Came Out.

How Does It Work? What’s Next?

Review: You’re Not Alone.

Photos: Don’t Say ‘Old’.

Who Wants to Be Governor of New York?

They’re Back, and Onstage.

Rush While Racing.

From ‘Yes, and’ to ‘I Do’ to ‘Who the Heck Are You?’

Checking It Twice? 

Make This Parm.

Go Electric.

Worried About Inflation? Here’s What That May Reveal About You.

Feed the Hungry? Let’s Discuss


If It’s Omicron, a Minor Marketing Challenge.

Ahoy! Let’s Look Back on 2021, When We Couldn’t Stop Looking Back.

Inflation Has Arrived Here’s What You Need to Know.

Meadows and the Band of Loyalists: How They Fought to Keep Trump in Power.

To Flummox or Not to Flummox.

What Happens if You Test Positive While Traveling?

It’s Not How Much You Fly, It’s How Much You Spend.

Omicron Is Spreading Fast Can New York Do More to Slow It Down?

Closing In on the Great One.

Americans are tired, and Omicron is just beginning.

Can Schools Handle Omicron?

How We’re Holding It Together. 

Wrangling the Unwrangleable

Drama! TikTok Made Them Famous Figuring Out What’s Next Is Tough.

What We’re Looking Forward To in 2022.

When Should I Test? What If I Can’t Find One?

Tech Won Now What?

‘Sober Curious’? Chatty. 

Worldly, Charming, and Quietly Equipping a Brutal Military.

In the Premier League, There’s No Looking Back.

Quietly, but Less So. Falling in Love.

What We Forgot to Talk About in 2021.

You Ready? Stay or Go? 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Supply Chain Issues.

Here’s What to Watch.

At Home and Away Readers’ Best of 2021.Tell Us About It.

Ungerrymandered: Everything One Needs.

What Do You Think You Should Be Paid?

They Could Be Anything They Want (Together).

In 2021, It Got Pricier.

What Happened this December? Key Takeaways

Based on these summaries and the word cloud here’s the most important news from this December:

  1. Omicron
  2. The New York Governorship Controversy
  3. Inflation
  4. More Omicron
  5. More Inflation

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