Super Simple Python: Is this a Square Number?

Super Simple Python is a series of Python projects you can do in under 15 minutes. In this episode, we’ll be covering how to check if a number is a square in just 5 lines of Python!

For the video version of checking if a number is a square in Python:

So far, this series has covered a lot of posts using the random library like the Random Number Generator, the Dice Roll Simulator, and the Password Generator. This is the first episode of Super Simple Python that is under 10 lines of code. We’re going to do this with the help of the math library. 

Check if a Number is Square

There are many ways to check if a number is a square in real life. What’s the easiest way? Take a square root and check if the square root is an integer or not. Luckily, we can just use the sqrt function from the math Python library to do that. We don’t even have to know how to do the actual math for this program.

We’ll start off our program by importing the math library. The math library is native to Python so we don’t have to install it. Next, let’s create a function to check if a number is a square or not. The function will take one parameter, num, which we expect to be an integer. This is the cool part. We can handle all the logic in one line using the math library. We use the sqrt function to get the square root of the number, and then we call the is_integer() function on that to check if the result is an integer. If the result is an integer, we return True. If it’s not, then we return False by default. Note that we can also choose to use an else statement to return False, but we don’t need to.

import math
def is_square(num: int):
    if math.sqrt(num).is_integer():
        return True
    return False

If we test the above numbers, 20, 100, 625, 1337, and 2025 we should get False, True, True, False, True as shown in the image below:

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